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One last happy birthday to my man ❤️

I just can’t get enough of my son. He is my world & it just brightens up my day when I see him smile. I really can’t tell you how much I love being a mommy to this little one.

healing: a dragging process when your heart is still rooted in things you’re trying to get over. make peace, chin up, walk again. try..

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Usually when I hear a celebrity has passed, I’m no way near affected by it. To be honest I wasn’t even sad when Michael Jackson died. I listened to his music, but he didn’t inspire me in any sort of way. No offense. However, hearing the news of Robin William’s death left me heartbroken. I actually grew up watching his movies. His movies never failed to make me laugh or feel inspired to be a better person. He had tremendous talent and a vibrant personality that it felt like you knew him even though you never met him. It’s so sad to hear him go like this, and I pray that he finally found peace. Rest in paradise Robin Williams. The world is a little gray without you.

Waking up with anxiety is the worst. It seriously feels like you’re drowning inside and you don’t know how to escape it. I’m trying to breathe, but that’s not helping at all.


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How can you not love this little 👼